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Congratulations to you both! We can’t wait to help you create a day that’s made for celebrating your special love in one of our beautiful venues.
The Center

While planning can be stressful, our group of experts will put you at ease as they guide you step by step and give you all the tips and tricks on turning your wedding vision into a reality.

With our creative wedding menus, industry specialists, and customizable unique spaces in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas you will spend less time on planning and focus more on the precious moments during this wonderful time of your life.

Wedding Catering Spotlight

Coming from a team that collaborates with over 300 couples a year, we promise you are in amazing hands! Take a look at some of the beautiful weddings we’ve helped bring to life. We were so honored to play a role in their special days!

Emily & Andrew

A simply stunning Summer wedding reception for Emily and Andrew, both Cincinnati natives that wanted to celebrate their love with all of their friends and family in the heart of the Queen city!
  • 06.04.2016
  • The Center Cincinnati
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Allison & Tadd

Tadd purposed at our home and then we celebrated at The Incline House overlooking the city. After dinner, we went to surprise some of our family around town.
  • 04.01.2017
  • The Gardens of Park Hills
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Rae & Ben

After two spectacular dates, Ben sadly had to return to Omaha, but he and Rae continued to talk until fate would reunite them five months later.
  • 02.11.2017
  • The Grand Ballroom
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Caitlin & Anthony

On the last day of a vacation in Mexico (it may have happened earlier in the week if I hadn’t ruined an attempt by sleeping in!), we went for a moonlit walk on the beach and Anthony proposed!
  • 01.11.2020
  • The Cincinnati Club
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Emily & David

Emily and David threw the perfect gathering to kick of the Summer Wedding Season! Their wedding reception incorporated beautiful apricot and slate blue tones, and blushing florals. It was the perfect pop of color to our stunning “blank canvas” space!
  • 06.30.2018
  • The Center Cincinnati
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Gabriella & Justin

I had just gotten off work. He had decorated the house with roses, pictures, and candles. He was waiting for me out in the sunroom with candles shaped into the phrase “will you marry me?”.
  • 11.03.2018
  • The Grand Ballroom
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Meghan & Brad

Our wedding will be special because we will be surrounded by all of the people we love the most: Our family and friends. It will be just a day of celebrating our lives together and celebrating how truly blessed we are to have each other.
  • 08.14.2010
  • Drees Pavilion
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Lindsey & Chris

Chris and I met for the first time at Brothers in Newport, KY. Chris set up the date. He was looking for mutual ground between Amelia and Mt. Lookout. We each ordered two beers. I was convinced after our first meeting, that I would never hear from Chris again, but to my surprise, I heard from him the next day.
  • 04.27.2013
  • The Pinnacle Ballroom
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Emily & Dylan

Emily told Dylan she wanted professional photos of them as a couple, and on their anniversary, Dylan set that up. At first they took photos by a lake with a beautiful gazebo, then they went down to a bridge where he had took Emily years ago and given her a promise ring. There were red lights (which is our favorite color) wrapped around the bridge and it was a complete surprise when he went down on his knee to ask for Emily’s hand in marriage.
  • 06.26.2020
  • The Cincinnati Club
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It’s your day, and we’ll ensure it’ll shine!

Our expert planning team will take their time getting to know you, your story, and everything you like (and dislike!). Then, we’ll work with you on your custom menu and coordinate your dream inside a venue that matches your vision.

Looking for a reputable photographer? Considering party favors that are sentimental but also support a good cause? Want a DJ or band? There is so much to think about, and everyone is different. From budgets to timelines, we’re confident in the focused planning and detailed resources we tailor to each couple we work with.

Tell us about your favorite local craft beers, late-night snacks ideas and dishes that trigger your senses and take you back. We’ll work with you hand in hand to create an all-inclusive culinary experience that every guest can enjoy.

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