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Gabriella & Justin

Wedding / 11.03.2018

The Venue

The Grand Ballroom

A historic gem with a sophisticated, timeless setting.
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How did your Love Story begin?

Justin and I went to high school together at Holy Cross in Latonia, KY. We actually disliked each other until senior year. A friend of mine invited Justin to go with us to USS nightmare in Newport. Justin and I hit it off that night and the rest is history!

Tell us all about the proposal!

Justin proposed to me at our home. I had just gotten off work. He had decorated the house with roses, pictures, and candles. He was waiting for me out in the sunroom with candles shaped into the phrase “will you marry me?”. One of the candles burnt a hole in our carpet! Afterwards our family came over to celebrate with champagne!

What was your favorite part of the engagement and planning process?

Working with McHales was wonderful! We loved getting to meet new people and try new foods and cakes!

What was the most challenging experience while planning?

The guest list was the most challenging aspect of our planning process, it is hard to come up with a number that is both frugal and inclusive. Luckily The Grand has room for more than enough guests if your list is large!

Do you have any advice for engaged couples planning their wedding?

It is never too early to plan things! The earlier you book vendors, make decisions, or put together that DIY the less stressed you will be at the end! I would also recommend putting money away every month up to the wedding to use for all the “month before” due dates.

Tell us about your experience working with us!

We loved working with McHales! Kailtyn was wonderful to work with, she answered all our questions and had helpful tips along the way. When our officiant couldn’t make it to our rehearsal she willingly stepped in and led the rehearsal without issue.

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