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10 Picturesque Locations for Your Cincinnati Wedding Photos

Weddings / 07.15.21

10 Picturesque Locations for Your Cincinnati Wedding Photos

At the end of your wedding day, after all the months (maybe even years) of wedding planning, your photos are going to be what you have to remember your fondest moments. That’s why you want to make sure they’re taken in epic and beautiful locations that will provide a stunning backdrop for your love. Whether taken at your venue or a favorite place around the city, those portraits are going to be cherished for years to come—so choose with your heart!

If you need a little inspiration, here are our favorite Cincinnati wedding photo locales.

Drees Pavilion

Who doesn’t love a skyline shot? The Drees Pavilion location overlooks the city of Cincinnati from afar for idyllic skyline photos any time of day or night. During the day, you’ll get the glimmer of the sun off the buildings, and at night, your love will be lit up by the stars and the city lights. Pure magic!

Drees Pavilion Ceremony Gazebo

Beyond the pavilion, you’ll find the 2,500-square-foot gazebo that offers similarly incredible skyline views from a different vantage point! Our Drees Pavilion couples have some of our favorite wedding day shots; they’re truly epic!

Wedding ceremony at the Gazebo at Drees Pavilion
Photo credit: Porento Photography

The Center Cincinnati Atrium

The Center Cincinnati Atrium is a super unique spot that brings that big city life into full picture. With neutral walls and a crystal-clear glass ceiling looking up at the Cincinnati skyscrapers, this is such a unique spot for you and your partner or the whole bridal party!

The Grand Ballroom Balcony

One of our favorite features of The Grand Ballroom is the gorgeous balcony that encircles the top—not only because it’s stunning, but because it offers a super unique vantage point for photos. Your photographer can stand up top and grab shots of your first dance or the whole crowd, all from up high!

The Pinnacle Ballroom

The ceiling of the Pinnacle Ballroom is truly one of a kind. The soaring 26-foot-high ceilings are all pine, but at the top, they feature skylight windows that allow natural light to brighten up your photos morning, noon or night.

The Cincinnati Club Exterior

Outside the Cincinnati Club, you’ll find stunningly ornate art deco-style doors. With gold and dark teal accents, hand-carved details frame your loving shot!

The Cincinnati Club Staircase

You’re going to find a trend here; every piece of the Cincinnati Club is truly magnificent and captivating in photos (and in person, too). So up next, the famous white marble staircase. The staircase is perfectly framed by gold-accented wallpaper and dark green painted railings with intricate details, while the other end features an arch to frame the happy couple. A perfect shot every time!

The Cincinnati Club Gold Ballroom

Perhaps the most photographed room of the entire Cincinnati Club, the Gold Ballroom is simply begging to be photographed. This ballroom features a gold gilded zodiac ceiling, elaborate and complex designs on the walls and arched windows that wow.

The Cincinnati Club Oak & Grill Ballroom

The Oak & Grill Ballroom at Cincinnati Club will have you feeling like you just stepped into the Vatican. The elaborate mural is reminiscent of Renaissance Italy with stunning wood walls and gold chandeliers accenting the space.

The Cincinnati Club Pompadour Ballroom

Finally, the Pompadour Ballroom. Framed by an elegant historic fireplace with a towering mirror reflecting the light of the chandelier in the background, your first kiss will be breathtaking in the moment and in the photos!

Want to Start Planning Your Wedding Day in Cincinnati?

Feeling inspired? If you’re ready to start planning your dream wedding day complete with the most stunning photo spots in the city, our team at McHale’s Events & Catering is ready to help you plan. We offer so much more than just catering and can’t wait to help make your day magical in every way. Let’s start chatting about your vision and how we can make it happen—together!

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