October 2014 Newsletter

We are deep into our busy season! It's been over a month since we started our off-premise events with The Cincinnati Museum Center and are very happy with the progress we've made and all that we are learning and growing through the process. We are very excited about our new Staffmate scheduling program that is about to roll out at the end of this month. Also, we are in the final stages of editing and are very close to unveiling our new McHale's website! Lisa has done a fantastic job of taking over in the Wedding Cake department with the help of Jan; check out some of her work below.

I appreciate all of you and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to McHale's, Chuck 

We are super busy so this will be a short update.

It's imperative if you haven't already, that you log into the Staffmate program and test the software. If you want to continue to be scheduled and work you need to do this! There is a link at the bottom of our current webpage right next to where you usually log in. This needs to be done by the week of October 20th as the other one will no longer be used, not even as a back up.

Thanks and keep up the great work, Jeff

Celebrating a Birthday in October
Ruth Furnier - October 1
Angelo Hazely - October 3
Sharon Meese - October 4
M. Walker - October 6
Lynn Finn - October 9
Brad Mullen - October 18
Kamari Cobb - October 21
Paul Bray - October 24
Austin Horton - October 24
Suzanne Miller - October 28
Mary Prendergast - October 28
Bev Thiery - October 31

Thank You for Your Years of Service
Jan McHale - 16 Years
Kerri Schultz - 16 Years
Bruce Cozatchy - 9 Years
Jeannie Cozatchy - 9 Years
Suzanne Miller - 9 Years
Jeff Thelen - 7 Years
Teresa Schuler - 7 Years
Janie Feldman-Neff - 3 Years
Mark Mayhall - 3 Years
Bill Ferring - 2 Years
Karen Schultz - 2 Years
Robert Wilson - 2 Years


9/20/14 Kim/Schworer Wedding Reception
Hi Brent, Our reception was great on Saturday. Everything was perfect. Thanks to all. Lynn

10/4/14 Garwood/Heinrichs Wedding Reception
Brittany, Just wanted to check in and say what a great night we had at the Gardens!! It was a super night and things went very well.
Sara and Matt certainly had a wonderful Mass and Marriage ceremony at St. Agnes. The staff at McHale's did a great job! Phyllis and Adam were super!! The reception was just wonderful! I can't say enough of how the staff went about their jobs and saw to the needs of all. We were very pleased with the event. Bob and I had a great time and all our family and friends have said nothing but wonderful things about the whole evening. We want to thank you for all your help as I know you are new at McHale's. Friday went well when we brought the candles, etc. down for the party. All your efforts were greatly appreciated. The food was great, as we also had compliments from many about it. I have a lot of family from Raleigh and some from Owensboro, and all of them went on and on about the whole event, and about how good the food was, and the service!! Phyllis and Adam couldn't have been nicer, all through the evening and at the end when they packed up everything for us to take home. Sara and Matt very much appreciated the food that was specially packed for them to take with them. They ate it for two days!! Thanks again for these special touches. Makes it special. They left this morning for Antigua for a week. (Lucky them!) Thanks again for your help and relay our thanks to Jenny and to Chuck for a great time had by all.
Take care and thanks again to everyone at McHale's. Sincerely, Susie and Bob

9/20/14 Highlands High School Class of 1958 Reunion
Thank you for your excellent service - everyone enjoyed the event.

9/26/14 Campbell County Public Library Meeting
Brent, I've asked that the staff complete a short survey and have about a 1/3rd of them collected so far. Early voting returns look good! I asked the staff to rate the food, facilities, and speakers, and so far the food is rating about an 8 on a 10 scale and the facilities are rating about a 9.5. People really like the location and feel of the Marquise. A few picky eaters are bringing down the food score, but the committee was very happy with everything. I thought the food was good, the breakfast blew away some of the new staff who had never seen the donut and Danish spread you all do. And more than a few folks commented on the addition of chocolate covered pretzels for this year's morning snack (I know I appreciated it very much). The afternoon speaker had never been to the center and was impressed with the facilities. Everything AV worked fine and the temperature, as hard as it is to control, was never too much of an issue. That's why we gave out sweatshirts ;) Jordan and her staff deserve a big round of applause as well. Jordan was on top of everything and kept in constant contact with me. I don't know about our first two years with you all, but I do know that Jordan did a superb job in comparison to 2012 and 2013. There was always someone to serve drinks, and the cupcakes were handled exceedingly well at the end of the day. The staff was beyond courteous. I'm sorry I don't know the names to compliment them, but the man who tended the bar and the women working with Jordan on the cupcakes were both very attentive and very nice, but really everyone there was smiling and energetic and just all around great. Our speakers ran long and threw off the schedule, but the staff was cool with it and flexed with our on the fly changes. I really can't say enough about how well Jordan and the staff did. I told Jordan that if she is still there next September I will be requesting her as our hall manager. Once I have the full numbers on what people thought of the day I'll send them along. Thanks for the great day you made happen, Dave

9/6/14 Drees/Elderle Wedding Ceremony and Reception
To everyone, This past Saturday all of you were a very special part of the wedding of Jessica and Dustin. You may have been there or you may have not, but we wanted to "thank each and every one of you" for making this evening such a special one. Whether you are a vendor, a coordinator, a family member- Each of you performed at a level that was just fantastic, gracious, and beautiful. Even though I walked down the aisle with Jessica (and was very kindly but sternly told-don't look at me!), so I did not get to see her huge smile on her face as the doors opened, but surely heard about it later, it made it all that much more meaningful, especially when Dustin told me later that he had a lot of chills when that door opened up! Cheryl and I (Jessica's parents) and Steve and Judi (Dustin's parents) were absolutely delighted from the performance of each of you, how each vendor worked with each other, no pressure whatsoever from any vendor and how McHale's from Megan and Bobby on down and from Elisa and her staff just coordinated each major and every minor detail. Any time a question was asked throughout the process, everybody quickly got back with us. The music presentation presented by Karen, Tom and Scott and by 90 Proof Twang was absolutely enlightening at the ceremony to a filled dance floor with tons of happy and smiling faces. So many times, we heard "Wow", "How did you do it", "Unreal"! Guys, you were the ones that did it all! We want each one of the vendors to know that at any time may we assist you with a recommendation, please do not hesitate to call us. Thank you to Ryan, Barb and Soren for your parts as well. Huge part of this ceremony! Like I said "WOW" and many, many thanks for memories that Jessica and Dustin will never forget! Best regards, Bob and Cheryl, Steve and Judi

9/19/14 Miller/Redmond Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Dear Phyllis, Thank you so much for all of your hard work on our wedding day! To say that you were a joy to work with would be such an understatement. You made us feel like royalty! And the food and service couldn't have been better. THANK YOU!

9/21/14 Ruh 50th Anniversary
Hello, Megan. It is great to hear from you. I sincerely appreciate all the wonderful work McHale's did for my parents' anniversary party. Everything worked out wonderfully and Phyllis and Carolyn were just so charming and really helped make it a nice celebration of our family and friends. My parents have already returned to their winter home in Florida (I keep reminding them that September and October are very nice in Cincinnati). Feel free to send them a note. Finally, it was a pleasure working with you during the planning process. You are very good at what you do. Thanks again for everything. Michael

9/19/14 Morris/Roberts Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Everyone is still raving. Not one complaint at all. Staff, food, cake (super moist)--everything was amazing. We have already referred McHale's to many people.

9/23/14 National College
Brent, Thank you so much for your services yesterday. Everything went off without a hitch and the catering was Fantastic.

With multiple exquisite venues in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, a reputation for providing delectable cuisine and unparalleled service, and more than 50 years experience in the food and catering industry, the future of McHale’s Events and Catering is unlimited.

Our goal is to continue to exceed all expectations in the area of on-premise and off-premise catering services in the Cincinnati area.

Suttmiller / Naticchia Wedding Reception at The Cincinnati Club

Everyone went above our expectations! 

Jenny Suttmiller

Sheanshang / Dischar Wedding Reception at The Grand Ballroom

Jen and Jeremy went above and beyond to make our special day run absolutely flawless, will definitely recommend them in helping any of my friends in there future weddings. Things could not have... Read More

Dunlap / Rybarczyk Wedding Reception at The Gardens of Park Hills - Vista Room

The banquet staff was absolutely amazing at our reception! They were regularly checking in with us to make sure we had everything we needed and were very considerate throughout the night!

... Read More

Speirs / Steinmetz Wedding Reception at Rhinegeist Brewery

Everything was perfectly explained and laid out for me to understand.

Lindsay was a total professional. Competent, knowledgeable, friendly and extremely easy to work with.

... Read More

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